"Silky, confidence and incredibly on-point,
the talent of all members is evident"


Birmingham Secret Location

Our previous secret headline in Birmingham was a dream. Sold out: utter carnage from start to end, and an honour to be part of‬

In the heart of Birmingham, this September (Friday 20th) The Novus go again, stepping things up to a completely new level, we've found a warehouse venue easily accessible in the centre of Birmingham, Digbeth, almost triple the capacity, will be adding hand picked support from some of our favourite musicians, and a bigger better show than ever.

We are not just promoting a gig, we aim to provide an experience. Our name literally translates to "the new" so that is what we are giving you - new venues, new experiences, a new era - for the new generation

This is for you. Anyone who has joined the noise. You in the pictures. You at home listening to our music. All of you that make this possible, this is us giving you and our hometown what they deserve. Trust us when we say it will be like nothing you have seen before

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"The Novus are continuing their meaningful but mega rise to the top of the Brum indie pile, and tonight they snatch the opportunity with both hands – silky, confidence and incredibly on-point, the talent of all members is evident as they lock into purposeful grooves, creamy riffs and splendid vocals." - Counteract

"The Novus bring an energy and balls to everywhere they go which is conveyed by this track, delivering a raw, gritty, garage rock vibe with splashes of punk and rebellion - they know somethings not right and they’re making a stand with their ‘ left hand held high ‘. A metaphorical breath of fresh air is what the lads bring to the table, a literal breath of fresh air is what's needed after belting out their huge new tune.

The band explain what new track ‘ Break ‘ is all about: “ The people above us, the establishment, government, those kind of people have failed us as young people, and working class people, as people in general and we wanna make that known and make stand against it - but we wanna have fun with it, we want people to sing the words back to us, bounce around, get a bit sweaty and have a laugh.” - Break


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